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e. 2. Describe how the State will use the funds to carry out permissible State Leadership Activities under section 223 of WIOA, if applicable

Current Narrative:

  • Develop and disseminate curricula, including curricula incorporating the essential components of reading instruction as such component relate to adults
  • Develop content models for integrated education and training and career pathways.
  •  Provide technical assistance regarding the use of data to measure the progress of programs, evaluate program effectiveness, and guide program improvement, especially as such data relates to the State’s adjusted levels of performance described in section 116.
  • Develop and implement transition programs, including linkages with postsecondary education institutions
  • Integrate literacy and English language instruction with occupational skill training, including linkages with employers
  • Develop and pilot strategies for improving teacher quality and retention.
  • Infrastructure costs such as dissemination of WIOA partnerships to key stakeholders.
  • Infrastructure costs related to signage.