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e. 6. E. State Monitor Advocate

The plan must contain a statement confirming the State Monitor Advocate has reviewed and approved the AOP.

Current Narrative:

The State Monitor Advocate, funded by Wagner-Peyser, is the department's lead representative to ensure that ES services are coordinated with other MSFW service providers, to identify overall changes in agricultural employment, MSFW trends, employment rights, and to recommend new program approaches. The Monitor Advocate Unit will continue to conduct ongoing monitoring of the service provided to Migrant and Seasonal Farmworkers. Reviews will be conducted in each of the significant offices to identify the needs and concerns that affect the provision of services for farmworkers and provide technical assistance as appropriate. The issues identified will be brought to the attention of the Administrative and Executive personnel when necessary.

On February 1, 2022, the state Monitor Advocate approved the state’s final draft of its Agricultural Outreach Plan, after offering suggestions and commentary to ensure the state is able to appropriately meet the needs of MSFWs across Idaho.  The AOP has been included as part of the overall WIOA Combined State Plan and was made available for public comment. Comments were incorporated earlier in the AOP in Section 6.B.