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e. 6. D. Assessment of Progress

The plan must include an explanation of what was achieved based on the previous AOP, what was not achieved and an explanation as to why the State believes the goals were not achieved, and how the State intends to remedy the gaps of achievement in the coming year.

Current Narrative:

Year after year, the state continually exceeds its overall planned outreach objectives for the season, achieving its outreach-contact goal of contacting 10% of MSFWs throughout the state, For PY20, state outreach workers contacted 6,633 MSFWs across Idaho, providing them information about the multiple services cited earlier. The state will strive to reach its goals of exceeding its planned outcomes for the year.

As noted earlier, the number of actual MSFW applications for the state has decreased significantly, which coincides with the period during which the department has implemented its automated IdahoWorks system as a member of the AJLA consortium. This, in combination with the changes in WIOA’s reporting requirements, have likely led to the reduction in overall MSFW applications.  However, recent changes to how the Idaho Works system poses questions to users to allow them to identify themselves more easily as MSFWs, should lead to an increase in the state’s MSFW applications. The state will review MSFW registration numbers periodically throughout the year to ensure MSFW applicants are being coded correctly so they can be served and included in reporting.