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e. 6. B. Review and Public Comment

In developing the AOP, the SWA must solicit information and suggestions from NFJP grantees, other appropriate MSFW groups, public agencies, agricultural employer organizations, and other interested organizations. In addition, at least 45 calendar days before submitting its final AOP, the SWA must provide a proposed plan to NFJP grantees, public agencies, agricultural employer organizations, and other organizations expressing an interest and allow at least 30 days for review and comment. The SWA must: 1) Consider any comments received in formulating its final proposed AOP; 2) Inform all commenting parties in writing whether their comments have been incorporated and, if not, the reasons therefore; and 3) Transmit the comments and recommendations received and its responses with the submission of the AOP.

The AOP must include a statement confirming NFJP grantees, other appropriate MSFW groups, public agencies, agricultural employer organizations and other interested employer organizations have been given an opportunity to comment on the AOP.  Include the list of organizations from which information and suggestions were solicited, any comments received, and responses to those comments.

Current Narrative:

The State Monitor Advocate has directly contributed in drafting this agricultural plan and consideration has been given to the annual summary developed under 20 CFR 653.108(g)(4).

    1. Electronic copies of this plan have been provided to Idaho’s WIOA 167 grantee- National Farmworker Jobs Program, Community Council of Idaho, with a request to submit written comments on January 27, 2020. The final draft of this 2020-2023 Agricultural Outreach Plan and a request for comments were also sent on the same day to the following agencies/service providers with instructions to provide comments:

Erik Johnson, Director Migrant Unit Idaho Legal Aid Erik.johnson@idaholegalaid.org

Jane Donnellan, Administrator Idaho Division of Vocational Rehabilitation jane.donnellan@vr.idaho.gov

Ileana Cordova HEP/CAMP Recruiter Boise State University icordova@boisestate.edu

Sara Seamount, Migrant Coordinator Migrant Education Programs Idaho Department of Education sseamount@sde.idaho.gov

Irma Morin Executive Director Council of Idaho imorin@ccimail.org

Korene González, Director Employment and Training Community Council of Idaho KGonzalez@ccimail.org

Roy Vargas Farm Foreman Former FLC rvargas1276@gmail.com

Sonia Martínez Diversity Outreach Coordinator Idaho State University orstem@isu.edu

Sam Byrd, Director Centro de Comunidad y Justicia sbyrd@comunidadyjusticia.org

Margie Gonzalez, Executive Director Idaho Commission on Hispanic Affairs Margie.gonzalez@icha.idaho.gov

Brian S. Bean Lava Lake Land and Livestock brian@lavalake.net  

No comments were received from the stakeholders listed during this specific 30-day comment period regarding the state’s AOP.  This plan will be incorporated as part of Idaho’s WIOA Combined State Plan, which will undergo a public comment period beginning March 2, 2020.  Any comments will be incorporated as part of the Combined State Plan.