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b. Explain how the State will provide information and meaningful assistance to individuals requesting assistance in filing a claim for unemployment compensation through one-stop centers, as required by WIOA as a career service

Current Narrative:

Idaho’s unemployment insurance application process is available online. Idaho’s iUS web-based system and staffing model is designed to provide meaningful and personalized assistance in filing a claim for unemployment compensation at Idaho’s American Job Centers, as well as at partner locations, in the following ways:

  • When applying online, the iUS system provides simple, written instructions in English and Spanish to assist claimants through the application process
  • Each American Job Center provides several lobby computer stations to provide self-service access for filing an application for unemployment compensation or to access other online One-Stop services. Each workstation has been updated to improve data processing times, and include larger monitors to reduce user scrolling
  • In addition, IDOL’s mobile service delivery brings ES staff and laptops for customer use to rural communities on a scheduled basis to increase access to UI and other One-Stop programs in places far from an AJC.
  • Each American Job Center also provides access to centralized, fully trained UI staff who answer questions, and assist with UI application or weekly claim filing. Centralized staff are available by phone or via online chat technology on the public access lobby computers.
  • iUS user guides and real-time communications support is available for ES, WIOA, and other One-Stop Partner frontline staff from the centralized UI section to support staff provision of information.