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a. 3. Describe strategies developed to support training and awareness across core programs and the Unemployment Insurance (UI) program and the training provided for Employment Services and WIOA staff on identification of UI eligibility issues and referral to UI staff for adjudication

Current Narrative:

As the state government agency tasked with administering the unemployment insurance program for collection of taxes from employers and disbursement of benefits to claimants, IDOL provides periodic training and general information to American Job Center staff, including ES and WIOA staff, regarding general eligibility guidelines.

Strategies to support training and awareness of UI across core programs include:

  • UI Program staff provide training to all ES and WIOA staff on identification of UI eligibility issues and how to refer issues to UI staff for adjudication.
  • ES staff provide RESEA services in Idaho, and they receive annual training from UI program staff specific to the requirements of the RESEA program
  • Fully trained unemployment insurance staff are available by phone and via online chat, during business hours, to answer any questions from staff or claimants regarding UI issues
  • UI Navigators are stationed within seven AJCs located throughout the state to provide UI claimants with in-person help such as filing UI claims, resolving basic non-monetary issues, and helping them with other unemployment insurance functions.