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d. 7. How the State Board, in fulfilling Local Board functions, will coordinate title I activities with those activities under title II. Describe how the State Board will carry out the review of local applications submitted under title II consistent with WIOA secs. 107(d)(11)(A) and (B)(i) and WIOA sec. 232.

Current Narrative:

The state Workforce Development Council (Idaho’s WIOA state board), through its One-Stop Committee, ensures that activities and services are coordinated with Title I and Title II, as well as the other one-stop partners. 

The Council will carry out a review of local applications submitted under Title II in the spring of 2022 for the upcoming FY2023.  The Board received a presentation about the description of the process, including the timeline, and the Board chair appointed an ad hoc committee to conduct the review. With this coming year’s funding cycle (FY2023) for Title II services, the Council will again be included as it participates in the review of this year’s applications.