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d. 6. How training services outlined in section 134 will be provided through individual training accounts and/or through contracts, and how such training approaches will be coordinated. Describe how the State will meet informed customer choice requirements regardless of training approach.

Current Narrative:

Idaho Title I-B program offers training opportunities to eligible participants in the Adult, Dislocated Worker, and Youth programs, using both Individual Training Accounts (ITAs) and contracts with employers to provide on-the-job training.  The State provides detailed technical assistance guides to local service providers referring participants to training.

Because of its small population and rural nature, the Governor does not maintain a list of On-the-Job training (OJT) providers.  Rather, on-the-job training is generally approached as job development negotiated with an employer for eligible participants. A copy of Idaho’s Technical Assistance guide which provides WIOA Title I-B staff direction on the implementation of OJT opportunities is located here – Section 9: Occupation Skills Training/OJT (link).

 Idaho maintains an extensive Eligible Training Provider List (link)  to ensure consumer choice for occupational skills training is provided for all areas of the state.  The state’s technical colleges, proprietary schools, and Registered Apprenticeship sponsors/employers regularly submit new programs to add to the list, especially those programs which align eligible training to in-demand occupations in Idaho’s high-demand industry sectors.  Although the state has encountered difficulty in the past collecting performance data from the training providers, it has overcome the obstacles preventing this collection from taking place and recently submitted the required PY20 ETP reporting data, receiving recognition from USDOL for being the first state to do so in the region. 

WIOA Title I-B career planners provide assistance to program participants navigating the available training options by reviewing the local or market demand for the occupational skills, and costs of training.  The state’s WIOA Technical Assistance Guide (cited earlier) contains information regarding occupational skills training and how program staff may provide this service to participants who may show the need for this benefit.