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d. 4. A description of the roles and resource contributions of the one-stop partners.

Current Narrative:

The requirements for infrastructure cost sharing contributions are applicable to WIOA local areas. Idaho officially consists of two local areas under WIOA – East Central Idaho, also known as Service Delivery Area 6 or Region 6, and the Balance of State, consisting of Regions 1-5. The Workforce Development Council, as the WIOA State Board, provides the policies to the local areas and the Council, acting as the local board for the two areas, is also responsible for implementing these requirements. In compliance with WIOA Sec. 121(b)(1)(A), 20 CFR 678.420, and 678.510, detailed One-Stop partner roles and resource contributions are outlined in the MOUs for each local area of the state with a Comprehensive One-Stop Center and may be found here:

In accordance with the Statewide Idaho American Job Center Network MOU (link), Idaho One-Stop partners will be responsible to provide available career services in a non-discriminatory and universally accessible manner, provide referrals to system partners, serve populations with multiple barriers to employment, support the cross training of partner agency staff to ensure familiarity with and representation of all programs, participate as a member of the WIOA Advisory Group, and share in the equitable and proportionate share of their respective American Job Center operational costs that benefit their program(s) participants.