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d. Single-area State Requirements (D1-D4)

In States where there is only one local workforce investment area, the governor serves as both the State and local chief elected official.  In such cases, the State must submit any information required in the local plan (WIOA section 106(d)(2)).  States with a single workforce area must include—

  • 1. Any comments from the public comment period that represent disagreement with the Plan. (WIOA section 108(d)(3).)

  • 2. The entity responsible for the disbursal of grant funds, as determined by the governor, if different from that for the State. (WIOA section 108(b)(15).)

  • 3. A description of the type and availability of WIOA title I Youth activities and successful models, including for youth with disabilities. (WIOA section 108(b)(9).)

Current Narrative:

1.Any public comments will be included in the Appendices.

2. Not applicable. The Idaho Department of Labor is the entity responsible for the disbursal of grant funds.

3. Extensive surveys and communication with youth service providers found that the WIOA youth elements found to be commonly available in local service areas for youth tutoring, alternative school, education concurrent w/work prep, guidance and counseling, financial literacy education, entrepreneurial skills, labor market information and transition activities will be coordinated with other providers in the communities, rather than purchased with WIOA funds. Also, WIOA and its regulations clarify that awarding a grant on a competitive basis does not apply to the design framework component where these services are provided by the grant recipient/fiscal agent. The design framework includes intake, assessment, development of an individual’s service plan and overall case management. These will determine whether occupational skills are required by the youth, negating the need for procuring the element. In Idaho, the grant recipient/fiscal agent -the Idaho Department of Labor - will provide youth design framework services.

The remaining youth elements - paid/unpaid work experiences, leadership skills, supportive services, and adult mentoring – are also provided through the Idaho Department of Labor, since it has exercised its option to provide youth workforce investment activities as the grant recipient, as noted in the response to item (C)(1) earlier in this narrative.

Youth with disabilities are a priority group for the WIOA Title I Youth program. The state has made significant efforts to ensure that services to youth with disabilities are provided in the same capacity as those without disabilities and the needs of this population are properly addressed. Many of the WIOA Youth program staff were trained under a Disability Employment Initiative grant for service provision to the targeted youth. Most WIOA partner staff providing services to employers develop key relationships with businesses to provide opportunities for work-based activities for youth with disabilities. Strong partnerships with the Idaho Division of Vocational Rehabilitation, Idaho Commission for the Blind and Visually Impaired and Idaho Educational Services for the Deaf and the Blind are utilized to develop and undertake activities as diverse as Ropes courses for teamwork and leadership development to week-long work readiness camps that help these youth achieve success by building their confidence, self-esteem and job seeking skills.