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b. 5. Describe the State’s criteria regarding local area transfer of funds between the adult and dislocated worker programs

Current Narrative:

Local workforce areas, with the approval of the Governor, may transfer up to 100 percent of the Adult Activities funds for expenditure on Dislocated Worker Activities, and up to 100 percent of Dislocated Worker Activities funds for expenditure on Adult Activities.

The WDC reserves the right to adjust the funds distributed to Service Delivery Areas, within a single Local Area, in or around December and March of each program year. Adjustments will be made based on an SDA’s enrollment and expenditure levels compared to the planned levels within their annual agreement. Enrollment or expenditures 10 percent under planned levels will trigger the WDC to consider adjustments. The WDC will consult with the Administrative Entity and service provider to address participant needs and prevent underspending before shifting funds.