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e. 5. A. Providing the Full Range of Employment and Training Services to the Agricultural Community, Both Farmworkers and Agricultural Employers, Through the One-stop Delivery System. This Includes:

  • i. How career and training services required under WIOA Title I will be provided to MSFWs through the one-stop centers

  • ii. How the State serves agricultural employers and how it intends to improve such services

Current Narrative:

(1) Pre-seasonal canvassing is conducted by local Career Center staff with leads provided from the State Monitor Advocate to determine anticipated MSFW population in local Center areas. Career Centers will conduct outreach activities to identify MSFW and services needed. Individuals and groups are contacted to offer and provide services to those not reached by usual Career Center intake activities. 

(2) Telamon, partnering with the Career Centers, registers farmworkers in Alabama JobLink (AJL) who may be eligible for and in need of additional services through referral to the Career Center system. Career Centers strive to ensure that MSFWs are afforded the same basic, individualized and training services available to all clients. Agricultural employers continue to be reached by ASES as part of the Work Alabama program, focused on helping farmers find and hire temporary agricultural workers. Agricultural employers are encouraged to place job orders in Alabama Job Link. Career Center staff will assist in referring farm laborers.