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a. 1. B. Describe the process used for designating local areas, including procedures for determining whether the local area met the criteria for “performed successfully” and “sustained fiscal integrity” in accordance with 106(b)(2) and (3) of WIOA. Describe the process used for identifying regions and planning regions under section 106(a) of WIOA. This must include a description of how the State consulted with the local boards and chief elected officials in identifying the regions

Current Narrative:

Draft policy criteria for local area designation and appointment of local board members were posted and presented to the Workforce Development Council at the July 2015 public meeting in Idaho Falls. The criteria were modified and approved by the Governor and then posted for public comment on the Idaho Department of Labor website for 30 days from August through early September 2015. Local public officials were notified via the Idaho Association of Cities to ensure that all Idaho mayors and county clerks received direct notice of the policies and opportunity to comment. No comments were received.

At the October 19, 2015 public meeting, the Workforce Development Council adopted the WIOA local area designation policy and policy for appointment of local board members. Both local areas met the policy criteria for “performed successfully” and “sustained fiscal integrity” as described below.

Performed Successfully - Met or exceeded the negotiated levels of performance for the last two consecutive program years, and has not failed any individual measure during the same period.

Sustained Fiscal Integrity - The Secretary of Labor has not made a formal determination that either the grant recipient or the administrative entity of the area misspent funds due to willful disregard of the requirements of the provision involved, gross negligence, or failure to comply with accepted standards of administration for the two-year period preceding the determination

On April 7, 2020, the state Workforce Development Council updated its initial Designation of the Local Area policy and developed a policy for identifying region(s). Although these were posted for public comment during the state’s PY2020-2023 Combined State Plan process and no comments were received, the state has determined that it may need to revise the Local Area designation policy to incorporate several changes as directed by USDOL.

Local Area Designation and Policy (link to draft policy)

Region Identification and Policy (link)