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e. 4. B. Providing technical assistance to outreach staff. Technical assistance must include trainings, conferences, additional resources, and increased collaboration with other organizations on topics such as one-stop center services (i.e. availability of referrals to training, supportive services, and career services, as well as specific employment opportunities), the Employment Service and Employment-Related Law Complaint System (“Complaint System” described at 20 CFR 658 Subpart E), information on the other organizations serving MSFWs in the area, and a basic summary of farmworker rights, including their rights with respect to the terms and conditions of employment.

Current Narrative:

All core programs including UI will engage staff members in annual training designed to inform staff members of the needs, services, activities, and outreach efforts to assist MSFWs and other farmworkers who may need assistance. Training will be coordinated by Wagner-Peyser outreach staff and Telamon staff to ensure current information and resources are included in the staff trainings. One-Stop Career Centers maintain information, technological resources, and assistance contact information to provide technical assistance outreach workers. Designated staff members will attend state, regional and national conferences to stay abreast of current training, resources, and information needed to provide effective and efficient assistance for MSFWs and other farmworkers who may need services. Intensive efforts will be made to contact all MSFW whose usual residence is in the local Center area and those that migrate into the area that do not contact Career Centers for service. MSFW will be informed of their rights to full Career Center services and invited to the local Center for registration, orientation, and assessment in accordance with ADOL/MSFW regulations. Services, including job referral, job development, as well as referral to other service agencies to include WIOA for possible individualized and training services, will be provided. Appropriate information will be directed to MSFW informing them of their rights under various Federal and State laws, as well as directives of service agencies in the community. Handouts will be given to each person contacted advising them of this information.
Bilingual regular and outreach staff, if possible, will be assigned to offices where substantial proportions of MSFW are primarily fluent and/or literate in Spanish, but not in English.