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e. 4. D. Providing State merit staff outreach workers professional development activities to ensure they are able to provide high quality services to both jobseekers and employers

Current Narrative:

Merit staff outreach workers are provided professional development activities to ensure they are able to provide high quality services to both jobseekers and employers. Bedrock of the professional development activities are courses taught by the Alabama State Personnel Department which include presentation skills, public speaking, and interviewing and selection.
Professional development programs are being evaluated to provide Career Center staff professional training and certification in the field of workforce development. This will include skills in career resources, career exploration, career planning, career development, interviewing, resumes, assessment, case management, job search, job development, job placement and employer outreach services. 

Outreach staff training also leverages One-Stop partner Veterans Employment and Training Services (VETS) Program - National Veterans Training Institute (NVTI) training for LVER. This training closely tracks WIOA-BSR outreach training and is conducted periodically at in-state venues as well as National Veterans Training Institute (NVTI) in Dallas. Staff members are also afforded the opportunity to attend Southeastern Employment and Training Association (SETA) conferences twice a year to learn the latest in workforce development programs and skills training. The State also offers an annual Workforce Development Conference offering plenary sessions and workshops featuring National, State and local workforce leaders with expertise and best practices to share with Career Center staff.  

Additionally, Workforce GPS training webinar offerings, to include MSFW training, are transmitted to One-Stop staff for live participation or viewing of recorded programs later.
The State Monitor Advocate visits Career Centers on a regular schedule and conducts training for staff on the MSFW program.