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  • III. Operational Planning Elements

    The Unified or Combined State Plan must include an Operational Planning Elements section that supports the State’s strategy and the system-wide vision described in Section II(c) above.  Unless otherwise noted, all Operational Planning Elements apply to Combined State Plan partner programs included in the plan as well as to core programs.  This section must include—

III. b. 3. B. i. Membership Roster

Provide a membership roster for the State Board, including members’ organizational affiliations. 

Current Narrative:

Idaho’s Workforce Development Council serves as the State Workforce Board under section 101(a). The Council’s membership brings together a well-integrated mix of business and industry, education, labor, community and government representatives to establish the vision and plan for Idaho’s workforce development system.

Executive Order No 2019-08 provides for council membership as follows:

  • 17 positions appointed by the Governor representing industry and nominated by statewide and regional business organizations;
  • Seven positions appointed by the Governor representing the workforce, including two labor union representatives, two registered apprenticeship program representatives, one representative of a community-based organization for veterans, one representative of a community-based organization for individuals with disabilities, and one representative of a community-based organization for out-of-school youth;
  • Ten positions appointed by the Governor representing government, including representatives from the Department of Labor, State Board of Education, State Department of Education, Division of Career-Technical Education, Division of Vocational Rehabilitation, Department of Health and Welfare, Department of Commerce, an elected city official, an elected county official, and a community college representative.
  • One member from each chamber of the Idaho Legislature, including a member of the Senate appointed by the Senate President Pro Tem, and a member of the House of Representatives appointed by the House Speaker;
  • The Governor or his designee.

Further, the order requires that the chair, vice chair and executive committee be from the private sector, with the exception of one position representing a labor union.

The Council’s membership brings together a well-integrated mix of business and industry, education, labor, community and government representatives to establish the vision and plan for Idaho’s workforce development system. A roster of the Workforce Development Council membership and their affiliations is listed below.  This roster may also be found on the Council’s Website at: https://wdc.idaho.gov/council-members/.


Representing the Governor

RussellBarronID Division of Occupational and Professional LicensesEmmettRegion 3Governor's Rep

Representing the State Legislature

MichelleStennetIdaho State Legislature - SenateKetchumRegion 4Legislature
ScottSymeIdaho State Legislature - HouseCaldwellRegion 3Legislature

Members appointed by the Governor, representing Business

DeniHoehneWinCo FoodsEagleRegion 3Industry
JohnYoungYoung ConstructionCoeur d'AleneRegion 1Industry
BrianCoxKochavaSandpointRegion 1Industry
BenDavidsonIdaho Central Credit UnionChubbuckRegion 5Industry
JeffGreeneSaint AlphonsusBoiseRegionIndustry
SarahGriffinIdaho PowerBoiseRegion 3Industry
DaveHannahG-ZeroMeridianRegion 3Industry
KellyKolbVista OutdoorLewistonRegion 2Industry
StevenLaingLamb WestonAmerican FallsRegion 5Industry
KateLenzKountBoiseRegion 3Industry
LizaLeonardBall VenturesIdaho FallsRegion 6Industry
HopeMorrowIdaho National LabBoiseRegion 3Industry
JamesPegramSimplotBoiseRegion 3Industry
MattVan VleetClearwater PaperLewistonRegion 2Industry
3 Vacancies  Private Sector/Business Representatives  Industry

Members appointed by the Governor, representing Workforce

AnnaAlmericoIdaho Out-of-School NetworkBoiseRegion 3Workforce serving out-of-school youth
DonnaButlerDawn EnterprisesBlackfootRegion 5Workforce serving individuals w/ disabilities
OscarEvansVeterans RepresentativeHomedaleRegion 3Workforce serving Veterans
EdHuskeyUnited ElectricBoiseRegion 3Workforce - labor organization
JoeMaloneyIdaho State AFL-CIOBoiseRegion 3Workforce - labor organization
TomSchultzIdaho Forest GroupBoiseRegion 3Workforce - registered apprenticeships
JamesSmithEastern Idaho Electrical JATCIonaRegion 6Workforce - labor organization/ registered apprenticeship program

Representatives of Government

LindaClarkID State Board of EducationBoiseRegion 3Government - higher education
JaneDonnellanID Division of Vocational RehabilitationBoiseRegion 3Government - WIOA Title IV
TomKealeyID Department of CommerceBoiseRegion 3Government - economic development
ClayLongID Career Technical  EducationBoiseRegion 3Government - WIOA Title II
JaniRevierID Department of LaborBoiseRegion 3Government - WIOA Titles I and III
LoriBarberCollege of Eastern IdahoIdaho FallsRegion 6Government - community colleges
SherryMaupinCommissioner - Valley CountyMcCallRegion 3Government - elected County official 
MarilynWhitneyState Department of EducationBoiseRegion 3Government - K-12 education
SeanColettiMayor - City of AmmonAmmonRegion 6Government - elected City official 
JenniferPalagiIdaho Department of Health and WelfareBoiseRegion 3Government - TANF & SNAP

The WDC members affiliated with the core programs are:

  • WIOA Title I-B & Title III (Wagner-Peyser) – Jani Revier, Director of Idaho Department of Labor
  • WIOA Title II (Adult Education) – Clay Long, Administrator, Idaho Career & Technical Education,
  • WIOA Title IV (Vocational Rehabilitation) - Jane Donnellan, Administrator, Idaho Division of Vocational Rehabilitation