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e. 4. C. Increasing outreach worker training and awareness across core programs including the Unemployment Insurance (UI) program and the training on identification of UI eligibility issues

Current Narrative:

MSFW outreach workers are merit staff for Wagner-Peyser Employment Services and receive an overview of the Unemployment Insurance process. As part of the one-stop system, the outreach workers are also responsible for providing information regarding ES services, farmworker rights, Unemployment Insurance, the complaint system, WIOA Title I-B employment and training services for Adults, Dislocated Workers and Youth, WIOA Title II Adult Education services, WIOA Title IV Vocational Rehabilitation services, SNAP and TANF benefits, along with other community services that may be available.

The MSFW page in the Department’s internal website, EPIC, keeps updated program information available for outreach workers. One-stop system staff can also rely on Live Better Idaho, a statewide online platform resource for assisting one-stop service coordination. Available in English and Spanish, Live Better Idaho is ‘agency agnostic’ and available for both public and private providers to deliver their services to the public. A localized and customized tool, it connects individuals to services that are relevant and available in their local areas. With it, staff connect Idahoans in need to relevant services by matching individuals with programs they may qualify to receive.

Not only are outreach workers aware of the WIOA core program services, but they are also active collaborators in advocating for and recruiting participants. At their behest, since PY2017, Governor’s Reserve/state funds have been set aside to provide additional assistance to MSFW youth. American Job Center staff, including outreach workers, continue to work together to find eligible individuals in the MSFW communities to connect them to Title IB services.