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a. 3. Describe strategies developed to support training and awareness across core programs and the Unemployment Insurance (UI) program and the training provided for Employment Services and WIOA staff on identification of UI eligibility issues and referral to UI staff for adjudication

Current Narrative:

One-Stop Career Center staff meetings of all partners are periodically conducted to share information and cross-train staff. Wagner-Peyser ES staff members are cross-trained on UI eligibility issues and are responsible for conducting the UI work test and, more recently, have been designated as responsible for the UI eligibility assessment portion of the Re-Employment Services and Eligibility Assessment (RESEA) program. Other core programs, including WIOA Title I staff, are aware of UI eligibility issues through One-Stop staff meetings. UI has developed a desk-aid for One-Stop staff use in identifying potential eligibility issues. Additionally, UI has developed a power point presentation for Center staff that is available on their desk-top. Wagner- Peyser ES management works closely with Unemployment Insurance management to provide continuous training to One-Stop staff on UI program changes that may affect eligibility.