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c. Describe the State’s strategy for providing reemployment assistance to UI claimants and other unemployed individuals

Current Narrative:

The ES and WIOA staff provide an orientation to all RESEA claimants on the services available to them through the AJC or affiliate. They then work with each claimant one-on-one, conducting a thorough assessment of the claimant’s current skills, abilities and identifying any barriers to reemployment. They also provide customized labor market information to each claimant based on their specific situation. Working together with the claimant they complete an individualized employment plan for each claimant, which may include additional follow up activities and services to assist the claimant in returning to work as soon as possible, including referrals to community services and training services as appropriate. The RESEA program focuses solely on UCX (military) claimants and claimants profiled as most likely to exhaust their benefits. RESEA services are provided for each claimant at an average of two and a half hours.

Outside of the RESEA program, UI claimants who are not job-attached are afforded similar customized treatment. Each week, ES and WIOA staff receive an updated list of new UI claimants who are contacted and encouraged to come to the AJC to receive the same customized employment services as the RESEA program participants.

WIOA career planners are also aggressively reaching out to former UI claimants or other dislocated workers to provide career and training services.