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Florida PYs 2020-2023 Published Approved

Located in:

j. 1. E. Who are youth with disabilities and students with disabilities, including, as appropriate, their need for pre-employment transition services or other transition services.

Current Narrative:

The Needs of Youth and Students with Blindness or Visual Impairments in Transition

  • All of the five required pre-employment transition services represent significant rehabilitation needs of students with blindness and visual impairments, with work-based learning experiences being the most significant and important need.
  • Youth with blindness and visual impairments need to receive AT early and receive adequate training in its use to maximize the likelihood of their success in postsecondary education.
  • Benefits counseling, self-advocacy, and peer mentoring are needs of youth with blindness and visual impairments.
  • Soft skills training was cited repeatedly as a need for youth in transition.