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j. 1. B. Who are minorities;

Current Narrative:

According to the results of the 2020 CSNA, individuals who are blind or low vision and also Hispanic or Native American may be underserved by ICBVI. The existing data indicated a low percent of Hispanic cases served by ICBVI in relation to the percent of the population with any disability in the Hispanic category.

The prevalence by race/ethnicity and vision disability in Idaho and the U.S. are based on 2017 ACS estimates. The prevalence of vision disability for Idahoans is higher than the U.S. in two categories, white and other. The prevalence of vision disability for White Idahoans (2.9%) is higher than in the U.S. (2.4%). The prevalence of vision disability for Idahoans who identify as Other (4.0%) is higher than in the U.S (1.5%).  The percentage of Idahoans who identify as Hispanics with vision disability is the same (2.1%) than the percentage of Hispanics with a vision disability in the US.

Idaho’s population is expected to grow by 15.3% between 2015 to 2025, while the growth rate for Hispanics the state’s largest minority, is expected to be 14.9%. ICBVI is cognizant of this change and will continue and expand outreach efforts to match this growth.