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q. 1. The quality, scope, and extent of supported employment services to be provided to individuals with the most significant disabilities, including youth with the most significant disabilities

Current Narrative:

Quality, Scope, and Extent of Supported Employment Services

The FDBS has elected to defer Supported Employment (SE) funds to the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation due to administrative burden. However, the Division provides supported employment services to individuals with the most significant disabilities who require ongoing support to meet their employment goals via a contract with the Conklin Center. The Division also issues authorizations to ensure continued services for all consumers via other providers throughout the state. Supported employment services kick in after job placement and may last up to 24 months (or longer if deemed necessary). SE is provided singly or in combination, and assists eligible individuals in gaining and maintaining competitive integrated employment. 


The Division is committed to providing quality services to this population. Individuals are supported in making employment choices consistent with their strengths, resources, priorities, concerns, abilities, capabilities, and interests. Human Services Program Consultants (i.e., Vocational Rehabilitation Counselors) help individuals pursue goals detailed in the Individualized Plan for Employment (IPE) by using supported employment resources to the individual’s best advantage. As appropriate, consumers and families are actively involved in assessment, planning, and decision making throughout the service delivery process. Services are evaluated for effectiveness and improvements are made as necessary.


The scope of supported employment services varies based on the amount, intensity, and type of support each person needs to maintain, retain, or obtain a job. Under supported employment services, the Division provides the most intensive services required to help individuals with the most significant disabilities obtain and maintain employment based on the individual’s choice. These services aim to create competitive integrated employment opportunities for individuals with the most significant disabilities who need ongoing support services. Assistance to this population is comprised of an intensive array of services - conducted in person - for blind and visually impaired individuals who require complex services, including youth with the most significant disabilities. These services are provided for a time period not to exceed 24 months, but can be extended under special circumstances with the consent of the individual to achieve objectives of the rehabilitation plan. Services are individually designed around the needs and desires of the consumer and may include: 

  • Individual Assessment;
  • Job Coaching and Development;
  • Assistive Technology, including repair and maintenance;
  • Intensive on the job training;
  • Employability and Social Skills Training;
  • Transportation Assistance;
  • Money Management;
  • Follow-up services with employers and trainees; and
  • Formal and informal work site related expectations (e.g., time and attendance, dress, communication).


Services are provided based on available resources. Community service providers are responsible for funding ongoing support services. The amount of services provided is determined by the statewide needs assessment, analysis of performance data, and data provided by agency partners (Agencies for Persons with Disabilities, CareerSource Florida, Department of Children and Families, Division of Vocational Rehabilitation).