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e. 6. C. Data Assessment

Review the previous four years Wagner-Peyser data reports on performance. Note whether the State has been meeting its goals to provide MSFWs quantitatively proportionate services as compared to non-MSFWs. If it has not met these goals, explain why the State believes such goals were not met and how the State intends to improve its provision of services in order to meet such goals.

Current Narrative:

Data Assessment

Florida is the second most MSFW significant state in the country, behind California. In PY 2018, the state had a total of 14,307 MSFW applicants in its labor exchange system and in PY 2017, there were a total of 16,537 MSFW applicants. These reductions in MSFW applications from PY 2018 and PY 2017, 14,307 and 16,537, respectively, are likely attributed to MSFWs not returning to Florida after migrating north for work and an increase in the use of foreign workers through the H-2A program.

Florida meets its goals of providing services to MSFWs on a quantitatively proportionate level as those provided to non-MSFWs. MSFW Indicators of Compliance Reports for the past four program years show all five equity ratio indicators are met. These indicators are referrals to jobs, referrals to supportive services, received staff-assisted services, career guidance and job development contacts.