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i. 1. A. ii. The number of personnel currently needed by the State agency to provide VR services, broken down by personnel category; and

Current Narrative:

ICBVI currently employs a total of 37.5 staff necessary to provide VR services. The breakdown of personnel is as follows:

Professional Staff:

  • 1 Administrator
  • 1 Rehabilitation Services Chief
  • 4 Program Managers 
  • 6 Senior VR Counselors for the Blind*
  • 13.5 Instructors for the Blind (includes the State Wide Assistive Technologist / Business Services Coordinator)
  • 1 Project Coordinator for Transition Services.

Administrative staff:

  • 1 IT Technology Senior
  • 2 Fiscal Technician
  • 5 Vocational Rehabilitation Assistants
  • 1 Management Assistant
  • 1 BEP specialist 
  • 1 Receptionist

  * Requirements for Senior VR Counselor for the Blind are consistent with the national standard of CRC. Individuals who do not meet those standards are designated Counselor for the Blind. All counselors currently employed at ICBVI are designated Senior Counselor of the Blind.