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k. 4. The cost of services for the number of individuals estimated to be eligible for services. If under an order of selection, identify the cost of services for each priority category.

Current Narrative:

• Title I Part B $655,000

• Title VI Part B $0

Estimated costs of services, per individual:

FFY 2020 – ICBVI projects serving 350 individuals with an estimated cost of $1871 per individual.

FFY 2021 – ICBVI projects serving 360 individuals with an estimated cost of $1819 per individual.

ICBVI has seen service volumes diminish while service costs per customer continue to increase. This increase in cost, coupled with the redistribution of funds for Pre-ETS could accelerate the need to implement an Order of Selection in Idaho.

ICBVI believes it will be difficult to determine the long-term impact of WIOA on number served without baseline data. While the Commission is committed to extending services to all eligible individuals, the emphasis and spending requirements associated with Pre-ETS requirements will both; (1) diminish overall funds available to individuals categorized as ‘eligible’ and, (2) fundamentally shifts the way ICBVI spends 15% of program funds.