Florida PYs 2020-2023 Published Approved

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k. 4. The cost of services for the number of individuals estimated to be eligible for services. If under an order of selection, identify the cost of services for each priority category.

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For FFY 2021, the Division anticipates spending a total of $35,500,000 of Title I funds to support individuals served in the VR program and $1,500,000 of Title I funds to serve individuals in supported employment. The Division based all estimates on trends, spending patterns, and data projections. For SFY 2018-2019, the Division spent $35,540,171 - excluding expenditures for the Supported Employment - for the provision of vocational rehabilitation services. Given the specialized nature of services and the need for specific equipment for individuals who are blind, the cost per person for was $9,215.26, which was $409.74 less than the previous year. This cost is based on the total amount of vocational rehabilitation dollars spent divided by the number of individuals served.