Florida PYs 2020-2023 Published Approved

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j. 3. Include an assessment of the needs of individuals with disabilities for transition career services and pre-employment transition services, and the extent to which such services are coordinated with transition services provided under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act

Current Narrative:

The CSNA identified the following needs regarding Pre-ETS and transition for students/youth with disabilities.

  • Five required Pre-ETS activities (especially work-based learning experiences)
  • Training on use of AT
  • Benefits counseling, self-advocacy, and peer mentoring
  • Soft skills training

The Division will work with schools to identify and refer students receiving services under a 504 plan and encourage reciprocity regarding referrals for students with disabilities. The Division will continue collaboration with the Division of Career and Adult Education to expand opportunities for apprenticeships, internships, and work-based learning experiences for students/youth with disabilities.