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e. 4. E. Coordinating outreach efforts with NFJP grantees as well as with public and private community service agencies and MSFW groups

Current Narrative:

ASES Career Center staff members have a working partnership with Telamon Corporation, the 167 Grantee. Coordination of outreach efforts is assured through regular meetings and communication and is further enhanced through the co-location of WIA 167 grantee staff in selected Career Centers. A cooperative, coordinated effort is pursued to minimize duplication of services and maximize the number of MSFWs contacted. As MSFW are contacted, their needs are assessed and, those in need of Career Center services are referred and encouraged to visit for assistance. Services may include assessment, job referral, job placement, job development, counseling, training, support services, and information on unemployment insurance. Also, ASES, Telemon, and ALFA, have agreed to have quarterly meetings to discuss ways to effect overall improvement of the MSFW programs and services.