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Florida PYs 2020-2023 Published Approved

Located in:

d. 2. C. Roles and responsibilities, including financial responsibilities, of each agency, including provisions for determining State lead agencies and qualified personnel responsible for transition services;

Current Narrative:

Financial Responsibilities of Each Agency
The parties of the interagency agreement commit to aligning or designing programs that are complementary, which will assist with the provision of Pre-ETS and other transition services to students with disabilities - including youth with the most significant disabilities - to assist them in achieving competitive integrated employment. Each partner has a financial responsibility for delivering services identified under the respective student plans (e.g., the IPE, IEP, 504). The FDBS sets aside 15% of the yearly federal allotment for client services to fund Pre-ETS for students with disabilities. The FDBS, FDVR, and DPS will use the following criteria for determining financial and programmatic responsibilities:  

  • Purpose of the service - Discuss at the State level whether the purpose of the service is related to an employment outcome or education attainment, or if it is considered a special education or related service.
  • Customary services - Is the service one that the school customarily provides under IDEA part B?
  • Eligibility for services - Is the student with a disability eligible for transition services under IDEA?