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i. 2. Plan for Recruitment, Preparation and Retention of Qualified Personnel

Describe the development and implementation of a plan to address the current and projected needs for qualified personnel including, the coordination and facilitation of efforts between the designated State unit and institutions of higher education and professional associations to recruit, prepare, and retain personnel who are qualified, including personnel from minority backgrounds and personnel who are individuals with disabilities.

Current Narrative:

Plan for Recruitment, Preparation and Retention of Qualified Personnel

The FDBS uses People First for recruiting qualified personnel. Selected candidates must be hired using minimum qualifications with the expectation that standards will be met within a specified period. The Division focuses on recruiting persons with disabilities and referring employment opportunities to disability organizations. However, remains an equal opportunity employer and hires persons with and without disabilities at all levels of employment.

Salary is believed to be the main factor impacting recruitment and retention. To address this barrier, the Division Director championed higher wages for the Human Services Program Consultant (i.e., VR Counselors) and Rehabilitation Specialists (i.e., Employment Placement Specialists) based on education and tenure. It is Division leadership’s intent to address the salaries of other positions in the future. When funding permits, the FDBS awards a $2,000 pay additive to the base salary of Human Services Program Consultant who become a CRC during employment. If a Human Services Program Consultant is a CRC at the time of hire, the beginning salary is set at $2,000 above the base salary. The same applies for Assistant District Administrators and District Administrators having or attaining a credential as a CRC.

The Division works with state universities that provide master’s degrees in rehabilitation counseling. Activities include attending board meetings and presenting to college classes upon request to share pertinent information related to the Division and recruitment efforts. Clients with Master’s Degrees in Rehabilitation Counseling are encouraged to apply for vacant positions.