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Florida PYs 2020-2023 Published Approved

Located in:
  • Program-Specific Requirements for Vocational Rehabilitation (Blind)

    The Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) Services Portion of the Unified or Combined State Plan [13] must include the following descriptions and estimates, as required by section 101(a) of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended by title IV of WIOA:


    [13] Sec. 102(b)(2)(D)(iii) of WIOA

    • i. Comprehensive System of Personnel Development; Data System on Personnel and Personnel Development

      Describe the designated State agency's procedures and activities to establish and maintain a comprehensive system of personnel development designed to ensure an adequate supply of qualified State rehabilitation professional and paraprofessional personnel for the designated State unit, including the following:

      • 3. Personnel Standards

        Describe the State agency's policies and procedures for the establishment and maintenance of personnel standards consistent with section 101(a)(7)(B) to ensure that designated State unit professional and paraprofessional personnel are adequately trained and prepared, including:

i. 3. B. The establishment and maintenance of education and experience requirements, in accordance with section 101(a)(7)(B)(ii) of the Rehabilitation Act, to ensure that the personnel have a 21st century understanding of the evolving labor force and the needs of individuals with disabilities.

Current Narrative:

The Division will provide training for ongoing CEUs, using the vocational rehabilitation grant funding. The reimbursement standards described below are addressed in Division Policy 12.12, Comprehensive System of Personnel Development as required by federal regulations. All personnel are eligible for reimbursement of the following expenses.

  • Tuition - All individuals seeking further education will be required to use the Department of Education Tuition Waiver, if available.  Note that prior approval of payment must be obtained from the Bureau Chief in instances where a course must be repeated.
  • Textbooks and Course Materials - These expenses include textbooks and other materials required for course enrollment.  (Paper, notebooks, computer disks, etc., are not items for which the Division will pay).
  • Additional Training - Staff may be provided additional training in job-related areas as needed and recommended by leadership.  This type of required training will be sponsored by the Division and staff may participate in agreed-upon training during work hours. 

Graduate Record Examination Fees and University application fees will not be sponsored by the Division. Class assignments incorporated into required work duties (e.g., practicum activities, internships) may be completed during working hours.  Completion of other homework assignments (e.g., reading, writing, and research) is not permitted during regular work hours.

The Division tracks the current educational status of personnel as well as their progress in complying with the CSPD requirements. VR counselors are encouraged to obtain certification from the Commission on Rehabilitation Counselor Certification. Currently, the Division has 15 personnel with a CRC designation and 2 certified orientation and mobility instructors as of SFY 2018-2019. The following table indicates the CRC eligibility status of staff by position.

Figure 10.05
FDBS Personnel Eligible for CRC
SFY 2018-2019

Position DescriptionVacanciesNot EligibleEligibleTotal
District Administrators23510
Assistant District Administrators16613
Vocational Rehabilitation Counselors543553