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Florida PYs 2020-2023 Published Approved

Wagner-Peyser Act

Located in:

e. 6. A. Collaboration

Describe any collaborative agreements the state workforce agency (SWA) has with other MSFW service providers including NFJP grantees and other service providers.  Describe how the SWA intends to build upon/increase collaboration with existing partners and in establishing new partners over the next four years (including any approximate timelines for establishing agreements or building upon existing agreements).

Current Narrative:

Other Requirements


The memorandum of understanding previously described establishes a basis for collaboration between LWDBs and FCDP local projects statewide. Local FCDP providers foster memorandums of understanding with their LWDBs.

As part of a strategic initiative to increase collaboration and co-enrollments with FCDP local providers, the State Monitor Advocate and FCDP state staff facilitate onsite meetings with local WIOA program staff, case managers, office managers, outreach staff and local FCDP coordinators. These meetings usually occur during the SMA’s onsite monitoring visits.

Partnerships between the significant multilingual MSFW career centers and the local FCDP grantees have strengthened over the past few years resulting in an increase in cross-referrals and co-enrollments of MSFWs for services. The Department of Education (DOE), through a contract with DEO, continues to utilize a database module in Employ Florida, which launched on January 26, 2016, for FCDP to provide activities and services that will better serve Florida’s MSFW population. Local FCDP providers have staff accounts for their own program module in Employ Florida to document intake, enrollment, services and outcomes. FCDP providers can view Wagner-Peyser services provided to mutual customers. This maximizes a seamless service delivery to MSFW customers by career centers and FCDP providers. The partnership between DOE and DEO has greatly enhanced collaboration efforts and allowed for efficient data sharing and co-enrollments between the Wagner-Peyser and FCDP programs.