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Indiana PYs 2020-2023 Published Approved

Wagner-Peyser Act

Located in:

e. 6. D. Assessment of Progress

The plan must include an explanation of what was achieved based on the previous AOP, what was not achieved and an explanation as to why the State believes the goals were not achieved, and how the State intends to remedy the gaps of achievement in the coming year.

Current Narrative:

Many achievements were made at the SWA level after the AOP was created in 2016. The SWA does not rely solely on NFJP for outreach services, since a full-time SMA was appointed and a new outreach staff person was hired. Both individuals currently serve on the advocacy team. Since the hiring of the advocacy team, in-person training was provided to all WorkOne staff, webinars were created and shared with local one-stop centers, and ongoing monitoring and technical assistance provided.