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Florida PYs 2020-2023 Published Approved

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d. 2. A. Consultation and technical assistance to assist educational agencies in planning for the transition of students with disabilities from school to post-school activities, including VR services;

Current Narrative:

There is an SEA agreement between the FDBS, Local Educational Agencies (LEAs), Division of Public Schools (DPS), and Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR) to assist students with disabilities in successfully transitioning to postsecondary training programs, education, and competitive integrated employment. The Divisions of Blind Services and Vocational Rehabilitation offer Pre-ETS to prepare students with disabilities ages 14-21 for success in 21st century careers. The LEAs provide transition services under IDEA that meet the required Pre-ETS. Students who only need Pre-ETS may receive these services from VR or DBS without making an application for other Partner services. Pre-ETS are also available to students with disabilities who apply for Partner services. 

Section 511 of the Rehabilitation Act, 14(c), states businesses referred to as “employers” are prohibited from employing individuals with disabilities 24 years of age or younger at subminimum wage. Under the SEA agreement, educational agencies will not contract with entities that provide work experiences at or under subminimum wage. The LEAs must provide documentation to the VR agency of the provision of transition services under IDEA or Pre-ETS for students who may be seeking subminimum wage employment.

Provisions for Development and Approval of Individualized Plans for Employment for Students with Disabilities
The Individualized Plan for Employment (IPE) for vocational rehabilitation consumers is completed or updated annually as needed, prior to graduation or leaving school for seamless transition to a student’s desired postsecondary outcome. The counselor determines eligibility for vocational rehabilitation services, develops an approved IPE, and sponsors the delivery of necessary transition services to assist the student with planning, preparing for, and achieving competitive integrated employment. The development of the IPE must occur within 90 days.

The average caseloads for VR and Pre-ETS/Transition is 60 and 20 respectively. The average time between application submission and eligibility determination for VR is approximately 31 days. The average time between eligibility determination and IPE development is approximately 14 days.

Information on Formal Interagency Agreements with Respect To:

Technical Assistance and Consultation
The FDBS and DVR will assist in planning for the transition of students with disabilities from school to post-school activities, including Pre-ETS. Technical assistance may be provided through various means, such as conference calls, video conferences, and in-person training opportunities. Each agency shall share in the responsibilities of providing training and technical assistance as requested to students, family members, advocates, educators, counselors, service providers, other state agency staff, and the general public regarding policies and procedures related to transition services, including Pre-ETS. The partners work together to build capacity within local education agencies (LEAs) and vendors to provide quality transition services throughout Florida by providing training, technical assistance, on-site reviews, and consultation. When possible, the partners will conduct joint staff training or the cross-training of staff to ensure operational activities continue to meet the needs of all partners involved.