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i. 1. B. i. A list of the institutions of higher education in the State that are preparing VR professionals, by type of program;

Current Narrative:

Each of the following seven state universities offer a graduate counseling degree that fulfills the educational requirements for Certified Rehabilitation Counselor (CRC) certification with a minimum of other required classes.

  • Florida Atlantic University
  • Florida International University
  • Florida State University
  • University of Central Florida
  • University of Florida
  • University of North Florida
  • University of South Florida

Program Data for Institutions of Higher Education

The following information is derived from Florida institutions of higher education that prepare vocational rehabilitation professionals. The information is categorized by institution and type of program.

Institution: Florida International University

Type of Program: Master of Science in Counselor Education – Rehabilitation Counseling Track (MS)

Institution: University of South Florida

Type of Program: Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling (MA)

In 2019, the Division pushed for senior rehabilitation specialists to become Community Work Incentive Coordinators (CWIC) to increase knowledge of Social Security benefits and the effects employment has on such benefits. There is a competitive selection process for participation in these trainings and applicants must successfully complete an introductory course. Out of the 15 counselors who applied for the training, 5 were selected.

All Florida state employees can take up to six credit hours per semester using the Florida Tuition Waiver Program. The FDBS expects employees who do not meet CSPD requirements to take advantage of the state’s tuition waiver program or participate in federal grant/stipend programs. When necessary, the FDBS may pay for tuition, e.g., when a state university is not within driving distance, when a staff member is unable to use tuition waiver for any required courses, etc.