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Florida PYs 2020-2023 Published Approved

Wagner-Peyser Act

Located in:

d. 3. Administration of the work test for the State unemployment compensation system, including making eligibility assessments (for referral to UI adjudication, if needed), and providing job finding and placement services for UI claimants; and

Current Narrative:

Administration of the Work Test for the State Unemployment Compensation System

Section 443.091, Florida Statutes, requires all Reemployment Assistance claimants to engage in systematic and sustained efforts to find work, including contacting at least five prospective employers for each week of unemployment. In small counties – defined as having a population of 75,000 residents or fewer - a claimant must contact at least three prospective employers for each week of unemployment claimed. Claimants file their work search activities online each week and the Reemployment Assistance Program office conducts random work search reviews. Alternatively, instead of claimants contacting three or five prospective employers, as appropriate, claimants may, for that same week, report in-person to a LWDB to meet with a career center representative and access reemployment services.

Upon completion of the RESEA appointment, career center staff are required to electronically submit information related to whether the claimant reported for and received all required services to satisfy the program’s minimum requirements. If a claimant has not reported to the required appointment, an automatic notification is transmitted to the Reemployment Assistance system notifying an adjudicator of potential eligibility issues. The Reemployment Assistance unit conducts a follow up to determine if the absence should result in a disqualification. An eligibility review program (ERP) questionnaire is conducted for all RESEA claimants to determine eligibility for continued benefits.

For the PREP program, claimant attendance is recorded in Employ Florida and reported to the RA system. Claimants failing to report for their appointment are contacted by adjudication for benefit eligibility determinations.