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2 Year Modification

Alabama PYs 2018-2019 Published

Located in:
  • Jobs for Veterans’ State Grants

    The Jobs for Veterans’ State Grants (JVSG) are mandatory, formula-based staffing grants to (including DC, PR, VI and Guam). The JVSG is funded annually in accordance with a funding formula defined in the statute (38 U.S.C. 4102A (c) (2) (B) and regulation and operates on a fiscal year (not program year) basis, however, performance metrics are collected and reported (VETS-200 Series Reports) quarterly (using four “rolling quarters”) on a Program Year basis (as with the ETA- 9002 Series). Currently, VETS JVSG operates on a five-year (FY 2015-2019), multi-year grant approval cycle modified and funded annually.

    In accordance with 38 U.S.C. § 4102A(b)(5) and § 4102A(c), the Assistant Secretary for Veterans' Employment and Training (ASVET) makes grant funds available for use in each State to support Disabled Veterans' Outreach Program (DVOP) specialists and Local Veterans' Employment Representatives (LVER) staff. As a condition to receive funding, 38 U.S.C. § 4102A(c)(2) requires States to submit an application for a grant that contains a State Plan narrative, which includes:

a. How the State Intends to Provide Employment, Training and Job Placement Services to Veterans and Eligible Persons Under the Jvsg

Current Narrative:

To promote the hiring and retention of eligible veterans and eligible persons:

1. Alabama will move ahead with plans under the Accelerate Alabama initiative that will include the services provided by Alabama Career Centers affiliated with the Americans Job Center network to include veterans and eligible persons with resources and emphasis for technical training and higher education. 2. Increase business services outreach to Federal defense contractors and subcontractors, such as URS Group Inc. of Mobile for work on the Air Force’s KC–46C; Northrop Grumman of Huntsville for research and development services in support of integrated missile defense; Boeing Co. for work on Army helicopters; L–3 Coleman Aerospace of Huntsville from the Missile Defense Agency. 3. Expand the AIDT training and job opportunities listing on the Alabama Job Link (AJL) https://joblink.alabama.gov/ada/ to increase priority referral of veterans and eligible persons to jobs and job training. 4. Increase employer outreach in the automotive manufacturing sector which employs many Recently Separated Veterans and pays the highest average wages of any manufacturing industry in Alabama – nearly $75,000. 5. Encourage more veterans to enroll in the State’s workforce Job–driven training, in trade, manufacturing, and shipbuilding apprenticeship programs offered through the Alabama Industrial Development Training to increase the entered employment rate of Recently Separated Veterans and long term unemployed, older veterans. 6. Expand innovative partnerships such as the initiative of the Alabama Career Center in Mobile, American Job Center affiliate that is training veterans in the welding training and certification program under a joint–venture by AIDT with the ship building industry. Historically, veterans who complete training are placed in well–paying and stable jobs.