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c. 1. Identify the State-developed criteria to be used by local boards in awarding grants or contracts for youth workforce investment activities and describe how the local boards will take into consideration the ability of the providers to meet performance accountability measures based on primary indicators of performance for the youth program as described in section 116(b)(2)(A)(ii) of WIOA in awarding such grants or contracts.[11]

[11] Sec. 102(b)(2)(D)(i)(V)

Current Narrative:

Currently, local areas are able to set their own parameters for procurement of youth services, thus not all areas describe or request specific performance plans related to primary performance indicators in their Request for Proposal. However, some local areas list metrics of success to ensure providers meet or exceed goals, including pay for performance goals. Awards are then made to organizations possessing the demonstrated ability to perform. Some of these metrics include:

  • As determined by USDOL and DWD, performance goals include:
  • Placement in employment, education or training;
  • Employment, education or training retention;
  • Median earnings;
  • Credential rate;
  • Attainment of degree or certificate; or
  • Measureable skills gains
  • Valid satisfactory record of past performance in delivering the proposed or similar services, including demonstrated quality of services and successful outcome rates from past programs (including non-WIA/WIOA programming)
  • Ability to provide services that can lead to the achievement of competency standards for customers with identified barriers or deficiencies.

Over the next two years, the Governor’s Workforce Cabinet will explore developing a minimum set of criteria to be reported by all local areas regarding their youth services. This will create comparability for evaluating these programs across the state. DWD, in collaboration with the GWC, will modify and/or develop service provision procurement guidance that will include state-developed criteria to assist local boards when making awards. Factors to be considered when issuing awards will include criteria such as experience with related work, performance history, program design and deliverables. Performance will be reviewed and analyzed at both the state and local level to ensure the youth elements are being made available to all youth and that youth are meeting the expectations outlined in the awards. Guidance related to youth service provision procurement will adhere to 20 CFR 681.400.