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c. 1. Identify the State-developed criteria to be used by local boards in awarding grants or contracts for youth workforce investment activities and describe how the local boards will take into consideration the ability of the providers to meet performance accountability measures based on primary indicators of performance for the youth program as described in section 116(b)(2)(A)(ii) of WIOA in awarding such grants or contracts.[11]

[11] Sec. 102(b)(2)(D)(i)(V)

Current Narrative:

As allowed in WIOA §681.400, the Idaho Department of Labor, as the state’s grant recipient/fiscal agent, has exercised its option to provide youth workforce investment activities. All intake, assessment, completion of individual service strategies, case management and follow-up services are provided within the One-Stop offices by Idaho Department of Labor staff.


Compliance with federal performance guidelines, which provide specific levels of performance for WIOA program outcomes, is critical. Performance indicators may be added or revised to meet federal and state requirements.

a. Percentage of participants who are in education or training activities, or in unsubsidized employment, during the second quarter after exit from the project.

b. Percentage of participants in education or training activities, or in unsubsidized employment, during the fourth quarter afterexit from the project.

c. Median earnings of participants who are in unsubsidized employment during the second quarter after exit from the project.

d. Percentage of program participants who obtain a recognized postsecondary credential, or a secondary school diploma or its recognized equivalent during participation in or within 1 year after exit from the program.

e.  Percentage of program participants in an education or training program that led to a recognized postsecondary credential or employment and achieved a measurable skill gain, noting progress towards such a credential or employment.

d. Effectiveness in serving employers.