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e. Waiver Requests (optional) (e1-e6)

States wanting to request waivers as part of their title I-B Operational Plan must include a waiver plan that includes the following information for each waiver requested:

  • 1. Identifies the statutory or regulatory requirements for which a waiver is requested and the goals that the State or local area, as appropriate, intends to achieve as a result of the waiver and how those goals relate to the Unified or Combined State Plan;

  • 2. Describes the actions that the State or local area, as appropriate, has undertaken to remove State or local statutory or regulatory barriers;

  • 3. Describes the goals of the waiver and the expected programmatic outcomes if the request is granted;

  • 4. Describes how the waiver will align with the Department’s policy priorities, such as:

    • A. Supporting employer engagement;

    • B. Connecting education and training strategies;

    • C. Supporting work-based learning;

    • D. Improving job and career results, and

    • E. Other guidance issued by the department.

  • 5. Describes the individuals affected by the waiver, including how the waiver will impact services for disadvantaged populations or individuals with multiple barriers to employment; and

  • 6. Describes the processes used to:

    • A. Monitor the progress in implementing the waiver;

    • B. Provide notice to any local board affected by the waiver;

    • C. Provide any local board affected by the waiver an opportunity to comment on the request;

    • D. Ensure meaningful public comment, including comment by business and organized labor, on the waiver.

    • E. Collect and report information about waiver outcomes in the State’s WIOA Annual Report.

  • 7. The Secretary may require that States provide the most recent data available about the outcomes of the existing waiver in cases where the State seeks renewal of a previously approved waiver.

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Waiver Requests (optional)

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