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a. 2. D. Describe how the State provides early intervention (e.g., Rapid Response) to worker groups on whose behalf a Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) petition has been filed. (Section 134(a)(2)(A).) This description must include how the State disseminates benefit information to provide trade-affected workers in the groups identified in the TAA petitions with an accurate understanding of the provision of TAA benefits and services in such a way that they are transparent to the trade-affected dislocated worker applying for them (Trade Act Sec. 221(a)(2)(A) and Sec. 225; Governor-Secretary Agreement). Describe how the State will use funds that have been reserved for Rapid Response to provide services for every worker group that files a TAA petition.

Current Narrative:

When a petition is filed that was not the result of a Rapid Response event, the TAA Unit of DWD notifies the region of the petition filing to initiate Rapid Response (RR) events, including initial fact finding and RR event scheduling. Once a certification is made, the TAA Unit disseminates a worker notification letter via mail notifying them of their eligibility for the TAA benefits and services, including case management, training, TRA, job search allowance, relocation allowance, and RTAA. The letter includes notification of deadlines for TRA income support.

Post-certification, Indiana utilizes social media outreach advertisements to target specific certified worker groups to notify them of TAA benefits and engage them at a local WorkOne. Onsite orientations and in-person Rapid Response activities are additionally offered while workers are still employed at a certified firm. The state utilizes Rapid Response funds to deliver this information to all groups regardless of their affiliation.  

Workforce Development Boards are responsible for coordinating the Rapid Response services at the local level to ensure effective delivery of services. Each Workforce Development Board is responsible for the following:

  • Designating a local Rapid Response Representative.
    • The representative may be a Workforce Development Board administrative staff or a local Rapid Response team member.
    • The representative will coordinate with the Regional Managers of Business Service (RM) and Rapid Response Program Director.
    • Representatives will be responsible for making contact with the business and introducing Rapid Response services.
  • Establishing and maintaining a Local Rapid Response team.
    • Members of the team may include: representatives from the Workforce Development Board, WorkOne staff, service providers, labor organizations and/or State Labor Council (when the workforce is union represented), community/technical colleges, and/or other stakeholders and interested parties.
  • Arranging an initial on-site meeting with employers, employee representatives, and Trade Coordinators to assess layoff schedules, determine employer plans to assist the workers, and introduce appropriate onsite Rapid Response activities for the WARN and Trade Act.
  • Informing and including TAA coordinators for all onsite meetings including orientations.
  • Obtaining a layoff list of affected workers and their contact information when applicable.
  • Ensuring all Local Non-WARN notices are entered into ICC and included in the monthly data reports.
  • Providing planning assistance for dislocation events.
  • Ensuring Rapid Response orientation materials include informational packets on all available services at local WorkOnes and other community resources.
  • Providing information on career counseling and job search assistance, resume preparation and interviewing skills workshops, local labor market, education and training opportunities (WIOA), health benefits (Cobra); and community resources.