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a. 2. D. Describe how the State provides early intervention (e.g., Rapid Response) to worker groups on whose behalf a Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) petition has been filed. (Section 134(a)(2)(A).) This description must include how the State disseminates benefit information to provide trade-affected workers in the groups identified in the TAA petitions with an accurate understanding of the provision of TAA benefits and services in such a way that they are transparent to the trade-affected dislocated worker applying for them (Trade Act Sec. 221(a)(2)(A) and Sec. 225; Governor-Secretary Agreement). Describe how the State will use funds that have been reserved for Rapid Response to provide services for every worker group that files a TAA petition.

Current Narrative:

Early intervention for possible TAA-eligible workers is provided by the State Rapid Response Unit assisted by local Career Center staff that, together, comprise the Rapid Response team. Customers attending Rapid Response General Employee Meetings are provided a general outline of available TAA services and instructed to report to their local Career Center upon receipt of their TAA eligibility notice. Available to assist in early interventions efforts are the Mobile Career Center Vehicle (MCCV) providing internet access to areas removed from Career Centers and ten (10) Portable One-Stops each offering ten (10) PCs with internet access.