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d. 2. B. Transition Planning by Personnel of the Designated State Agency and Educational Agency That Facilitates the Development and Implementation of Their Individualized Education Programs;

Current Narrative:

Local education agencies work collaboratively with VR, FDBS, APD, Children’s Medical Services, and Mental Health Services in the Transition Individual Educational Plan process. Local education agencies that are considering transition services during the Individual Educational Plan meeting will invite representatives from any other agency who may be responsible for providing or paying for transition services, after obtaining permission from the parent, guardian, or age-of-majority student. If the agency representative does not attend the meeting, the school will do its best to get someone else to come. If the agency representative will not attend the meeting, the school will then look for alternative ways to provide for the student’s transition needs. The local education agency must reconvene the Transition Individual Educational Plan team to identify alternative strategies for providing a student’s transition needs if an agency fails to do so.

In order to plan effective transition services for students with disabilities, it is essential that all invited partner agencies encourage and support participation in the Transition Individual Educational Plan (IEP) process.

VR invests 35-40 percent of its statewide staffing resources in transition services to serve students with disabilities in Florida’s 67 school districts and the Florida School for the Deaf and the Blind. Additional improvements to the rehabilitation information management and billing systems are being implemented to improve the collection and analysis of transition student data. Several of these additional data enhancements were implemented to simultaneously meet WIOA requirements. The enhancements will enable VR to conduct differential analysis to better evaluate agency performance and identify how to best improve service delivery and outcomes for students with disabilities.