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d. Single-area State Requirements (D1-D4)

In States where there is only one local workforce investment area, the governor serves as both the State and local chief elected official.  In such cases, the State must submit any information required in the local plan (WIOA section 106(d)(2)).  States with a single workforce area must include—

  • 1. Any comments from the public comment period that represent disagreement with the Plan. (WIOA section 108(d)(3).)

  • 2. The entity responsible for the disbursal of grant funds, as determined by the governor, if different from that for the State. (WIOA section 108(b)(15).)

  • 3. A description of the type and availability of WIOA title I Youth activities and successful models, including for youth with disabilities. (WIOA section 108(b)(9).)

Current Narrative:

Single-area State Requirements- Does not apply