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d. 2. I. i. II. b. The number of students enrolled at each of those institutions, broken down by type of program; and

Current Narrative:

Institution, Program Type and DegreeStudents Currently EnrolledVR/RSASponsored EmployeesVR/RSASponsored GraduatesPrevious Year Graduates
Florida Atlantic University- Graduate-level Rehabilitation Training Program; MEd and PhDMEd- 30 PhD- 3MEd- 0 PhD- 0MEd- 0 PhD- 0MEd- 6 PhD- 0
Florida International University- Rehabilitation Counseling Program; MS in Counselor EducationMS- 12MS- 0MS- 2MS- 2
University of South Florida- Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling Program; MAMA- 136MA- 1MA- 7MA- 40