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a. 1. B. Describe the process used for designating local areas, including procedures for determining whether the local area met the criteria for “performed successfully” and “sustained fiscal integrity” in accordance with 106(b)(2) and (3) of WIOA. Describe the process used for identifying regions and planning regions under section 106(a) of WIOA. This must include a description of how the State consulted with the local boards and chief elected officials in identifying the regions

Current Narrative:

DWD Policy 2017-11 sets forth the criteria for designating local areas and is available at:https://www.in.gov/dwd/files/3511/2017-11-P_Regional_Designations_WIOA.pdf. All 12 of the existing local areas met the criteria for performing successfully and maintaining fiscal integrity, as outlined in WIOA section 106(b)(2) and (3), and this was verified through data reporting and monitoring efforts. Indiana has one current regional planning area consisting of LWDA 5 and LWDA 12. Additionally, interstate planning is underway with Kentucky.

In determining current designations under WIOA, DWD took part in a taskforce of the Indiana Career Council, which was focused on assessing system alignment. This taskforce thoroughly reviewed and discussed the workforce development board areas to determine if the 12 areas should be modified. After several meetings, which included input from local boards, the recommendation of the taskforce was to have the standing (WIA) local areas remain intact, with the exception of having LWDAs 5 and 12 plan regionally together.