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a. 1. C. Provide the appeals process referred to in section 106(b)(5) of WIOA relating to designation of local areas

Current Narrative:

A local area that applies for local area designation under WIOA Section 106(b)(2) (initial designation) or Section 106(b)(3) (subsequent designation) and is not granted designation may submit an appeal to the State Workforce Development Board. The local area must file notice of intent to appeal and within ten (10) working days must submit their rebuttal package stating the grounds for the appeal and the reasons why the appellant should be initially designated. The rebuttal must be sent via certified mail to the Alabama Department of Commerce c/o State Workforce Development Board, Post Office Box 304106, Montgomery, Alabama 36130. The appellant may be asked to provide additional information and documentation. State WIOA staff will work in conjunction with the State Board to expedite the appeal and schedule a formal hearing before the Board. The goal for any appeal is to be resolved within 30 days of the filing of the appeal. If the appeal to the State Board does not result in designation, the appellant may request a review by the Secretary of Labor. (See other appendices GWID, PY2014-05, Change 01.)