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2 Year Modification

Indiana PYs 2018-2019 Published

Located in:

d. 2. O. viii. III. Overcome Identified Barriers Relating to Equitable Access to and Participation of Individuals with Disabilities in the State Vr Services Program and the State Supported Employment Services Program.

Current Narrative:

As mentioned above, the VR employment service revisions implemented July 2015 increased access to discovery activities and supported employment services to individuals with the most significant disabilities who require supported employment services. The previous RBF model did not always allow for appropriate service provision or provide a funding structure necessary for those VR consumers with the most significant disabilities who have very high support needs.

BRS has partnered with the Arc of Indiana and Self-Advocates of Indiana to provide career counseling and information and referral services (CCIR) to individuals employed at subminimum wage. CCIR services are provided in a one-on-one or group setting. Group settings include a presentation which incorporated videos and success stories; and typically occurs at the sub-minimum wage employee’s worksite during the lunch hour. Guardians are welcome and encouraged to attend. During the presentation, attendees receive information about local resources regarding employment services and other-related information; discuss potential competitive, integrated employment opportunities and ways to learn more about a new career field (i.e. informational interviewing or job-shadowing); and discuss the importance of seeking assistance and guidance from a support network, such as family members or friends. Following the Q&A portion of the presentation, attendees receive a certificate of participation documenting completion of the CCIR activities, and the Arc submits a copy of each certificate to BRS for record-keeping purposes.