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a. 2. C. In addition, describe the State policies and procedures to provide Rapid Responses in cases of natural disasters including coordination with FEMA and other entities

Current Narrative:

In the case of a natural disaster, the State Rapid Response Unit will work closely with FEMA, the American Red Cross, the Business Services Unit, the regional Workforce Development Board, Designated Local Rapid Response Coordinator, and the Economic Development Board to provide services, recovery, and temporary relief by creating jobs through cleanup and restoration efforts. The Rapid Response and Business Services Units will assist in identifying business adversely affected and workers who lost their jobs as a result of the disaster. The Rapid Response and Business Services Unit will work with the local Workforce Development Boards to access existing funding at the state and regional level, as well as determine the need for additional funding through a Disaster National Emergency Grant. The grant will be used to provide additional funding for cleanup and/or humanitarian efforts. DWD will provide technical assistance to the regions as needed and will assist in the efforts to provide the following information and services to the victims of the disaster: Disaster Unemployment Assistance UI claims filing, referrals to FEMA to file claims, and job matching and referrals to partner agencies.