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d. 2. L. ii. Identify the Goals and Priorities in Carrying Out the Vr and Supported Employment Programs.

Current Narrative:

VR Vision

To become the first place people with disabilities turn when seeking employment and a top resource for employers in need of qualified employees.

VR Mission

To help people with disabilities find and maintain employment, and enhance their independence.

Current Goals, Objectives, and Strategies

Goal 1: Ensure Customer success and satisfaction by improving business and support processes. Objective 1.1: Improve and align VR business processes to support WIOA implementation

Strategy: 1. Develop and implement all components of the VR Business Relations Program.

Measure of Success:

• Full integration and implementation of all components, including business services, field services operations and IT support systems

Strategy: 2. Redesign and implement pre-employment services for transition-age customers.

Measures of Success:

• Services re-aligned to new WIOA guidelines and implemented within required timeframes

• Budget set-aside requirements met

Strategy: 3. Design and implement a program about service alternatives for customers to use in making an informed choice prior to entering subminimum wage employment.

Measure of Success:

• Number of people diverted from or transitioned out of subminimum wage jobs

Strategy: 4. Design and implement enhancements to the Vendor Profile document for customer use in making informed choices regarding employment providers.

Measures of Success:

• Establish baseline use of Vendor Profile

• Customer satisfaction with Vendor Profile

Objective 1.2: Redesign supports for VR service & business processes

Strategy: 1. Coordinate and develop the VR services portion of the statewide plan.

Measure of Success:

• Timely submission of all required information

Strategy: 2. Design and implement an approach for integration of performance and business intelligence information.

Measures of Success:

• Number of revised management reports implemented

• Satisfaction of affected VR Managers with revised reports

Goal 2: Ensure Employee success and satisfaction by improving development opportunities and workplace environment.

Objective 2.1: Provide a comprehensive workforce planning and development system

Strategy: 1. Implement employee onboarding and mentoring processes statewide.

Measures of Success:

• Percentage of new employees completing all requirements within 90 days

• Percentage of new employees assigned a mentor within 10 days from start date

• Protégé/mentor/supervisor satisfaction ratings

Strategy: 2. Develop an agency-wide workforce and succession management plan, including a process to capture organizational knowledge.

Measures of Success:

• Process accurately identifies critical positions and information

• Participant satisfaction with process / components

Strategy: 3. Design a program for identifying and developing VR Leadership candidates.

Measures of Success:

• Successful pilot/ rollout of program

• Percent of VR employees initiating participation

• Participant satisfaction with program components

Strategy: 4. Develop standards, guidelines and curriculum for VR employee training.

Measures of Success:

• Improvement in climate survey items: Q8. Opportunities to learn and grow- 83.61%

• Q11. I am satisfied with the training provided by VR- 77.19%

• Percentage of VR employees successfully completing identified training requirements

Objective 2.2: Provide a safe, accessible, and adequately equipped work environment

Strategy: 1. Develop a comprehensive safety plan for monitoring VR facilities statewide. Specific components include a process for reporting defective/unsafe working conditions, safety and facilities management training for area staff, a move manual, a statewide safety manual, statewide first aid info, furniture inspection instructions, and a facility security / building access policy at HQ.

Measures of Success:

• Improvement in climate survey item: Q17. Physically safe work environment- 81.94%

• Pulse survey results following implementation of each improvement